Dr Edward David writes case study of student-staff teaching partnerships

Dr. Edward David, the McDonald Centre's Postdoctoral Fellow, has published a case study of a student-staff partnership for the Centre of Teaching and Learning. 

The Centre of Teaching and Learning has been developing a toolkit to promote partnerships that are a form of student engagement where students and staff work together to achieve a specific aim.

As it says on its website: "Incorporating this approach to teaching and learning activities can lead to positive personal and educational transformations, enriching the educational experience for both students and staff." 

There are five components of the Student-Staff Partnerships Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to: 

  • provide guidance on what it means to work in partnership with students at Oxford 
  • help teaching and learning support staff determine small changes they can make to incorporate student-staff partnerships in their teaching and learning support 
  • strengthen existing student-staff partnerships 
  • support conversations with students and colleagues about the benefits of working in partnership. 

Dr. Edward's case study discusses his experience of working in partnership with students to actively teach and learn during course seminars. He describes the method and what he learnt from it.