Mind, Soul and Trauma

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This Knowledge Exchange collaboration in 2023-2024, brings together the McDonald Centre and The Mind and Soul Foundation to develop theological resources for mediating effectively between psychiatry, psychology and church practice, with a particular focus on trauma.

People Involved
Activities and Events

Below are some of the upcoming events that will take place for this project. Please get in touch for more information. 



  • Clergy Vicarious Trauma: Project Consultation, March 7th. 

    In this meeting, hosted by Revd Professor Josh Hordern (Professor of Christian Ethics, University of Oxford), Revd Will Van Der Hart and Revd Dr Kate Middleton (Mind and Soul Foundation), we will present key findings from our research on Clergy Vicarious Trauma, asking for feedback and input on how the project should progress. 

  • Clergy Vicarious Trauma: Working Group, March 20th.

    The Working Group brings together experts in trauma from a medical, psychological, theological, and pastoral perspective. The Working Group will address topics ranging from the nature of Clergy Vicarious Trauma, how clergy might develop awareness of trauma, the nature of post-traumatic growth, and how resources can be developed to support clergy who are at risk of, or live with, vicarious trauma. 

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